Microblading  /   Microshading

Microblading uses a tiny blade made up of multiple super-fine needles. The tip is so fine that it creates very natural looking hair strokes.

Microshading creates a softer powdered effect by stippling tiny dots of pigments throughout the brow. Different effects can be achieved. Choose from a very natural all-over effect to a more 3-D gradient look.

A combination of the two techniques will appear as a very natural, fuller, powdered-in brow.

The combination brow lasts longer than microshading alone and is usually recommended. Microshading is better for oily or sensitive skin.


Microblading Brows — $450

Microblading Reinforce Appointment
(must be performed 1 month after initial session) — $50

Microshading Brows
(performed at same time as Microblading)
— $200
(performed without Microblading) — $600

Microshading Reinforce Appointment
(must be performed 1 month after initial session) — $85
If you do not come for your 1 month Reinforce Appointment the Refresh fees then will be applied instead of the Reinforce fees.

Additional Follow Ups
Microblading — $75
Microshading — $100
Combined Blading and Shading — $150

Sometimes additional appointments are required to complete the work due to poor retention of pigment.
This can be because of skin type, texture, age, skin condition, intentional or accidental picking of the area during healing, sleeping with face in a pillow and rubbing out the healing pigment, improper post procedure care, medications, health conditions, bleeding during the procedure, sweating, exercising, skinʼs rejection of pigment, etc. The reason does not matter. It sometimes happens. This covers cost of supplies only.

Microblading Refresh Appointments
$120 within 3 months
$170 between 4-5 months
$220 between 6-8 months
$270 between 9-11 months
$300 between 12-17 months
Full application price for 18+ months

Microshading Refresh Appointments
$170 within 3 months
$220 between 4-5 months
$270 between 6-8 months
$300 between 9-11 months
$350 between 12-17 months
Full application price for 18+ months

If changing shape in any Refresh appointment, $100 extra will be added as this takes
extra time and attention. Changing shape requires a follow up Reinforce appointment.
Refresh appointments are for current clients only. If your brows were previously done
elsewhere, full procedure charges apply.

Booking Requirements
Pre-appointment sheet to be signed and returned with a copy kept for yourself.

All appointments are final and cannot be rescheduled without penalty.
Please double-check your schedule to ensure that you are available during the time of
your booking.

Appointments require a $250 non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from your
final amount on the day of your procedure. Missed or late arrival appointments will be
charged in full. Missed or late arrival Reinforce Appointments will be charged a $100 fee
when rebooking.

Cancellation Policy
Deposits are forfeited and a charge of 25% of the treatment price will be applied for
moving an appointment with less than 2 weeks notice, and for No-Shows or Late
Arrivals. Arriving more than 15 minutes late is deemed a late arrival and
considered a cancellation.

The time cannot be rushed and steps cannot be omitted to “make up” time.
Missed Reinforce or Refresh appointments will be charged an extra $100 when

Rates are subject to change at any time.
Taxes are extra.

We use only premium quality pigments from the EU that provide almost total
protection from herpes and allergenic reactions.


  I have been a client of Chameleon & Papillon for some years and have always been really happy with the various treatments I’ve received. Recently, after noticing that they added eyebrow micro blading and micro shading to their list of treatments, I decided to give it a try. The transformation to my face is incredible. The compliments keep coming, even though most people don’t realize what’s changed. Not only do I have eyebrows again, but my brows are amazingly beautiful. For years I used eyebrow shadow to draw my eyebrows on. But they never stayed in place and they were never as outstanding and gorgeous as what I have now. Thanks to Wendy for such painstaking care to make sure they got it right.  – RITA

   I have been a client of Wendy’s for about 10 years. Wendy’s facials and general skin care advice are second to none. I recently had my eyebrows Microbladed and Microshaded and the results are amazing. It’s like getting an immediate eye lift! I was a little nervous about the procedure, in particular the colour. Wendy and her assistant were extremely careful to test several colours until we all found one that we were happy with. The mapping procedure is done with intense attention to detail in order to attain the perfect shape. And the results are fantastic. The healing process takes a total of about 10 days during which my brows transformed into the colour they are meant to be. All of this was well explained to me ahead of time and follow up care for the healing process given in writing as well. All and all it was a great experience and Wendy’s precision and attention to detail took away any anxiety I had. I am fairly minimalist when it comes to make up so having perfect brows with no effort means just one less thing to worry about!! Three years ago I moved two hours out of the city…the only appointments I still keep in Toronto are at Chameleon and Papillon. They are worth the drive!!   – CATHY B.

I have had the Microblading/Microshading done by Wendy. My overall experience was very positive and Wendy approached the whole process very professionally. Everything was explained to me in detail and she spent a good time on the precise brow mapping and colour selection.
The healing process for me was pretty fast, the redness and tenderness lasted for only couple of days.
After my first appointment the colour faded a little bit, as expected, but after the second time, followed by the reinforce appointment, the colour and shape stayed and looks absolutely natural.
I have been getting many compliments from my friends now and I do not have to touch up my eyebrows at all.
I highly recommend Wendy for this procedure as she is professional and very detail oriented.

  I have eyebrows!
I have been filling in my eyebrows for years. Age and a scar over my left brow had left me looking older and unpolished. When I saw that Wendy was doing Microblading I booked a consultation appointment. She spent a lot of time with me discussing the procedure, going over my expectations to show me what could be possible.
On the day of the procedure, I have to admit I was a bit scared. I didn’t want to look like a 20-something social media influencer at my age (54). Wendy was very patient with me and mapped out my brows. It was very scientific and matched my face perfectly. I brought along my current eyebrow pencil for shading and they matched it perfectly. The procedure was very comfortable. Healing was a breeze. Wendy contacted me the day after the procedure which was very sweet. I had to keep my eyebrow area dry while they healed but there was a minimum effort with that. The eyebrows turned quite dark after a few days (I am blonde) but Wendy had advised me of that. They started flaking about day 5 and then I could see the colour underneath–it was a perfect match! Wendy had blended in my natural brow with the bladed brow and it was so natural looking my friends didn’t even notice.
So worth it.  Thanks ladies!    – N.